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How to Shop for a Massage Chair

Finding the right massage chair can be a daunting experience. Unfortunately, many chairs are cheaply made and do not deliver on value—they can actually cause harm to the user. So it’s important to invest in a chair that is known for technology, innovation, and great customer service.

When searching for a massage chair, consider the following questions:

  • Where was the chair designed and where was it manufactured?
  • What kind of support network does the massage chair manufacturer provide?
  • What is the chair’s standard warranty?
  • Should I try a massage chair demo in-person?

Shop for a Japanese Massage Chair

The quality massage chair market is dominated by Japanese-owned and operated manufacturers. This is not surprising as Japan is the single most competitive massage chair market in the world. Amazingly, over 22% of Japanese households own a robotic massage chair! Over the years, fierce competition in Japan has pushed the sophistication and reliability of Japanese massage chair brands to where they are today and well beyond what non-Japanese makers are able to produce.

As you shop around, you will note that established massage chair dealers that are interested in quality focus their selection on the Japanese brands. Usually this is the result of experiments with lesser quality brand. To date, those who know the massage chair business tend to agree that these non-Japanese companies simply don’t measure up to the Japanese manufacturing standards or massage quality.

Shop for a Support Network

When you buy any pricey, technically sophisticated product, you’re also buying a support network. Don’t be duped by sales people and sites promising great after-sale service – there is really very little of this out there. Look for the massage chair brands that are widely distributed in stores because these brands must support their products lest they face the ire of an upset dealer base. The Internet-only brands (and brands that you see popping up at trade shows) may not even remember your name after they have made the sale.

Shop for a Warranty

The warranty is a good guide to underlying massage chair quality. Read it carefully. All policies will have exclusions. Some policies are deliberately dense and designed to keep you from realizing that they cover nothing at all…or force you to repack your massage chair and ship it back to a repair facility. All these stunts, obfuscations, and roadblocks are downright annoying when you’re looking at a half-reclined, broken massage chair that’s sitting in your house.

Shop In-Person

The internet is a poor way to understand the real feeling, capabilities, and quality of a massage chair. Be wary of anyone who sells you a list of features versus benefits that you can only judge in person.


To learn more, visit http://www.dreamwave.com/resources/how-to-shop/

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