Company Background

Company Background


Inada massage chairs combine shiatsu master massage movements with state-of-the-art Japanese engineering. Utilizing a patented auto-sensing, auto-adjusting digital technology, the chairs have been recognized around the world for innovative design and exceptional product quality.

Since 1962, Inada has been the maker of The World’s Best Massage Chair®.

  • Inada massage chairs are built on uncompromising Japanese quality and innovation
  • Inada has set the often-imitated standard for massage chairs and is the sales leader in Japan, the United States and around the globe.
  • For over 50 years, Inada has been investing more resources into massage chair R&D than any other massage chair maker in the world.

Inada’s Innovative, Extensive Range of Features

  • All Inada massage chairs feature proprietary infrared body scanning technology to build the perfect, personalized shiatsu massage.
  • Easy-to-use remotes deliver a wide range of pre-programmed and manual shiatsu massage sessions, with over 1,000 possible combinations.
  • The Inada DreamWave® massage chair has 16 pre-programmed massage sessions—more than any other massage chair on the market.
  • The Inada DreamWave massage chair has more body coverage than any other massage chair (over 1,200 square inches).
  • Proprietary, patented DreamWave technology provides undulating, soothing figure-eight motion that balances the body and delivers complete relaxation.
  • The Inada Flex 3s features adjustable shoulder stabilizers to improve back mobility and flexibility.
  • The Inada YuMe™ is both a rocking massage chair and a zero-gravity recliner.
  • The YuMe features thera-eliptical-kneading (TEK) to expertly massage users’ calves by providing compression and rotation at the same time.
  • Color Kinetic LEDs allow YuMe users to drift away as a darkened room is peacefully filled with calming hues.

The Best Warranty

  • Inada massage chairs come standard with the best warranty in the industry, backed by a nationwide team of technicians.

Recent Awards and Recognition

Inada massage chair products have won numerous awards and accolades, including:

  • 2010 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Design & Engineering Showcase Award
  • 2009 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Design & Engineering Showcase Award
  • 2009 American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD) Pinnacle Award Finalist
  • 2005 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Design & Engineering Showcase Award
  • 2004 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Design & Engineering Showcase Award

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